Innokin EQ FLTR Pod Kit can help smokers to quit ?

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This amazing new pod kit comes with a filter-stick device with a cool cigarette filter shape that makes people enjoy the feeling of a tobacco cigarette without harmful smoke.Innokin EQ FLTR Pod Kit is novel and innovative in design.It has the characteristics of being reusable,the feeling of the replaceable biodegradable tips is like a traditional cigarette.It also plays a role in protecting the environment.

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Innokin kit EQ FLTR Pod has a 400mAh internal battery which is recharged via Micro-usb with a full range of safety protections dependably.It is easy to pick up and vape with Auto-draw to give you great vaping satisfaction Protective There is a cap in this kit that can keep the filters clean and lasting longer. And there is plastic or cotton available for drip tips.The Innokin EQ FLTR kit has 2ml Refillable EQ-FLTR pods that compatible with the Scepter 1.2ohm coil.It will give you the feeling of a real cigarette.Visit online vape shop uk to achieve this kit.

Device Dimensions:78.1φ16.8 (With Pod); 90.9φ16.8 (Without Pod)
Battery:Internal 400mAh
Minimum / Maximum Wattage:7W-9.5W (1.2ohm coil)
Max. Output Currency:3A
Tank Capacity:2ml
Pod Type:EQ-FLTR Pod(integrated 1.2ohm coil)/ EQ-FLTR RC-Pod(coil replaceable)
Compatible:1.2ohm Sceptre Coils
Colors:Storm Grey, Stealth Black, Ruby Red, Azure Blue, Rose Gold

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