How About Dovpo 28mm Blotto MAX RTA Atomizer?

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The Dovpo Blotto MAX RTA in stock is a perfect container and Dovpo has put a lot of thought into improving its functionality to cater for a wider range of people.Let’s have a look.

dovpo blotto max vape rta price

Vaping Bogan and Dovpo have teamed up again to re-work Blotto, this time to create Blotto Max RTA atomizer for sale, and they’ve taken customer feedback and corrected the original defects, implemented those corrections, and given you something you didn’t know you needed!

Dovpo has taken the original Blotto RTA and flipped its head over for increased strength, better airflow and a larger construction deck, and you won’t struggle anymore to put your huge fancy coil on the deck with the Blotto for maximum, enough room for you to throw in most of its coils while still being a very aesthetic delight. Blotto Max still features IConic bottle caps, top fill and adjustable airflow, but is now better and bigger than before.

If you need a reliable Dovpo Blotto MAX RTA Atomizer,welcome to vape shop to buy.

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